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Welcome to VIRAPUR

As a pioneer in high titer virus production and testing, Virapur now joins the leader in biological controls. With the addition of Virapur’s diverse line of viruses and phage, Microbiologics will offer the broadest portfolio of cellular and viral controls.

Since Microbiologics’ inception in 1971, one thing has remained a constant: change.​

When you’re dedicated to remaining at the forefront of breakthrough technology, every day begins with one common goal: a safer, healthier future for all. And getting the big stuff right starts by focusing on the small stuff. As we add robust specialties, including the acquisitions of Gibson Bioscience, Micromyx, and Virapur, we are able to make discoveries that impact people all over the world. Our brand refresh reflects this dedication to innovation and continuous progress. Learn More.​

VIRAPUR specializes in custom virus production, purification and viral assay services. Our recognized virologists prepare high titer, purified virus for diagnostics, research and development purposes. We have worked with common and obscure viruses and phage classified through BSL-3 at a range of scales. Our quality system assures delivery of reliable virus product. We perform custom in vitro antiviral testing against viruses from our inventory or strains you provide. We can assist in viral clearance process development. Follow the links above to learn more.

Virology Services

VIRAPUR offers a number of services and products to simplify virus production and purification in your laboratory including:

  • Influenza A & B virus collections
  • Influenza production in pathogen-free embyonic eggs and MDCK cell lines
  • BSL-3 production of avian influenza strains including H7N9, H5N1 and H7N2
  • Comprehensive assays services including SRID testing
  • Quantitated DNA for PCR controls
  • Since the company's inception, VIRAPUR has worked with many companies, government agencies and academic institutions to provide the highest quality viral produdcts and services along with exceptional customer service to further the development of many life-saving viral and vaccine products. We are committed to serving the industry; no virus is too esoteric and no project is too small.