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Phage Display Services

VIRAPUR specializes in growing and purifying RNA and DNA bacteriophage to high concentrations. Most phage can be produced at an infectious titer of 1010 to 1012 plaque forming units per ml. We have generated up to 100 milligrams of purified phage with low endotoxin utilizing chromatography based methods.

We can also engineer recombinant bacteriophage to contain your gene of interest to be displayed as a protein on the surface of the phage, or you may request specialized phage for use as a PCR extraction control.

Armored DNA for PCR Assays

We can provide both RNA and DNA phage which can be used as armored controls in PCR assays.

The picture at the right shows a density gradient ultracentrifugation purification of a phage. The phage forms a band at a specific place in the cesium chloride gradient that corresponds to its density.

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