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Influenza Virus Production in MDCK Cells or Chicken Eggs

We offer a wide variety of influenza services. Clients come to VIRAPUR for our extensive knowledge and experience in influenza virus production, purification and testing. Quality and identity profiles are available for each isolate.

  • Propagate influenza in MDCK cells and embryonated Specific Pathogen Free chicken eggs to produce high titer virus in media or allantoic fluid. We are a premier producer of influenza virus in injected eggs. Milliliters to liters available.
  • Produce the current circulating strains, including the novel H1N1, as well as many historical A and B strains.
  • Help clients search for common immunogenic epitopes.
  • Provide high purity virus preparations using ultracentrifugation.
  • Chemically inactivate influenza for immunological and PCR studies.

VIRAPUR's facility includes BSL-2, BSL-2-enhanced and BSL-3 laboratories. Clients can request traditional density gradient ultracentrifugation or chromatography-based purification. Other services we offer include production of viral components such as proteins and nucleic acid.

Influenza assays available at VIRAPUR

  • Hemagglutination assay (HA) and Hemagglutination inhibition assay (HAI)
  • TCID50
  • SRID and ELISA
  • Egg Infectious Dose (EID50)
  • Plaque assay
  • Microneutralization
  • Fluorometric Neuraminidase assay (MUNANA)
  • Drug screening

We provide services for preclinical testing labs, including isolating and titrating virus from animal tissues and upper respiratory swabs and washes.

VIRAPUR's Quality System accommodates your development and regulatory needs. Pricing is based on scientific and regulatory requirements.

Call VIRAPUR at 858.824.9000 or email us at for more information.