About Us

VIRAPUR serves the research, diagnostic and vaccine communities, providing specialized viral reagents including live virus preparations and quantitated viral nucleic acids. We perform antiviral testing of small molecules against virus panels. We also assist in viral clearance process development studies. We specialize in upper respiratory viruses, especially influenzas, RSV, CMV as well as adenovirus, herpes viruses, phage and many other biosafety level 2 and 3 agents. We invented the original adenovirus purification ViraKits™ in 2000 and the original AAV purification ViraKit™ line in 2004.

Marylou GibsonMarylou Gibson, Ph.D., General Manager

Marylou Gibson trained in adenovirology at the University of Illinois, with post-doctoral training in the herpesviruses at the University of Michigan and University of Chicago. Her many years of experience in the biotech industry took her from developing veterinary and human herpesvirus vaccines to Bristol-Myers Squibb then Immunex/Amgen where she was on the team that developed the cell line secreting the drug Enbrel. She was instrumental in the startup of UC San Diego's GeneTherapy Clinical Manufacturing program which later became Molecular Medicine Bioservices/SAFC Pharma. She co-founded VIRAPUR based on her invention of the adenovirus purification kit.