Adenovirus Standard Purification ViraKit™, 4-Use, Cat# 003054
Adenovirus Standard Purification ViraKit™, 4-Use, Cat# 003054 
Four-Use Kit
We introduced the first ever adenovirus purification kits in 2000! Now we bring you our re-formatted kits that are better than ever!

Product Description
The Adenovirus Standard Purification Virakit™ was developed by experienced process development scientists to bring the same technology used by large scale virus manufacturers down to a scale usable by the laboratory scientist. The kit allows the user to purify virus from the infected cell pellet. The kit is composed of several filters which sequentially remove cellular debris and selectively bind virus. We save you time by including all buffers to absorb and elute virus from the filters.

Our NEW Adenovirus Standard Purification Virakit™ will purify and concentrate your Serotype 5 recombinant virus. Use this kit to purify up to 1012 adenovirus particles -- about the amount of adenovirus you should get from five 15cm cell culture dishes.

Many investigators have used the kit with impressive results.
Let Virapur show you what it can do for you too:

  • Saves You Time
  • Increases virus yield
  • Eliminates the ultracentifuge purchase and upkeep
  • Safely load virus with smooth action, one-way valve assembly
  • Purify your virus in less than two hours

This kit contains no hazardous materials, requires no special handling, and does not require cold packs.

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