TurboNuclease, Cat# 003005
TurboNuclease, Cat# 003005 
Description: To maximize the effectiveness of our Adenovirus and AAV Purification Virakits™ we recommend a recombinant endonuclease in a concentration of 25 units per µl. In Step 8 of our Adenovirus Standard Purification Protocol, we recommend adding 10µl of recombinant endonuclease to the unpurified virus solution, and incubating at 37°C for 30 minutes before running the virus over the purification filter. This will remove much of the contaminating cellular DNA. Our vials of TurboNuclease1 are prepared to the specific concentration of 25 units/ml which are best suited for this purpose.

Shipping: This item is shipped in an insulated box on cold packs, and can only be shipped within the continental United States by overnight service. If this product is added to your order, the entire order is subject to required overnight shipping.

: International customers, this product is not available for shipping overseas.

1. TurboNuclease is manufactured by Accelagen.