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Bacteriophage (Phage)

We offer custom construction of recombinant bacteriophage containing your gene of interest.

The similarity between animal viruses and bacteriophage in their structure, physicochemical properties and infection dynamics is striking. Bacteriophage are viruses infecting bacteria and are known to be specific for E. coli, staphylococcus and all bacterial genus. We apply many techniques we have developed in understanding animal viruses to bacteriophage with great results.

  • VIRAPUR has engineered bacteriophage containing control viral genes as lysis controls for viral PCR assays.
  • We can engineer a phage expressing or containing your gene of interest.
  • We can purify phage to pharmaceutical grade to high concentrations and low endotoxin.

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Phage Plaque Assay Protocol

VIRAPUR phage product photographed by NanoImaging Services

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