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Adenovirus Services and Assays

Adenovirus Vector Services - Adenovirus vectors engineered to deliver and express foreign genes have become a valuable tool in gene discovery labs. Adenovirus can infect a broad range of cell types and researchers use adenovirus vectors to express test genes in a variety of cell types in vivo and in vitro.

VIRAPUR has been on the cutting edge of adenovirus manufacturing as the inventor of the first adenovirus purification kit which we put on the market in 2000. You can purchase our kits here. We also offer virus vector services and adenovirus assays.

Wild Type Adenoviruses - More than 50 serotypes of adenoviruses infecting humans have been identified. Many are important human pathogens. VIRAPUR provides titered adenoviral preparations and adenoviral genomic DNA. Some of the uses of these products:

  • Enumerated live virus standards for validated diagnostic assays
  • Viral DNA for sequencing

Adenovirus Assays

  • Custom generation of viral expression clones from DNA
    • Includes cloning, transfection, and plaque purification
  • Plaque assay
  • RCA Assay (Replication Competent Adenovirus)
  • TCID50 Assay to determine viral titer
    • CPE Endpoint or Hexon Stain

Purified Adenovirus Genomic DNA from Seven Adenovirus Serotypes.

EcoRI digestion

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